Your Local Electrician Can Wear Many Hats


When you think of an electrician, you probably imagine someone in a very specific role. You may think of an electrician as someone who installs wiring in a home, or you may have another idea of what they do. Chances are, you don’t realise, like most people, all that an electrician is capable of.

Since electricity is very much an essential part of our lives at this point, even a few hours without it can be a huge hassle. While most people use electricity on a regular basis, they aren’t really aware of just how much it’s needed until the power goes out. Then it becomes painfully obvious how much we rely on it.

Electricians are responsible for:

Planning out electrical systems. They have to figure out the best places for everything from heating outlets and electrical outlets to light fixtures and fuse boxes.

Installing wiring: They can handle installing wiring, lights, and everything electrical in accordance with local codes.

Installing support systems: When it comes to running wires and adding pipes or conduits, electricians are trained in these areas, as well.

Testing faulty appliances: If there is an appliance that’s not working correctly, you can call in an electrician to figure out just what has gone wrong.

Replacing outdated items: If you have equipment that just isn’t safe or efficient anymore, you can count on a professional to either update it or replace it.

Electricians do a lot and these are just a few of their many tasks throughout the day. They also train new electricians and help them build up their portfolio and learn new skills.

What a Residential Electrician Does

An electrician who works in residential areas will have a variety of roles. These are all based around homes and keeping people comfortable and avoiding inconveniences.

Installations: A residential electrician may do the original installation. Some specialise in construction only and will be the ones who look at the plans for a house and lay out the wiring throughout. Its’ important to have a professional handle this job because your insurance could be void if someone who is not trained handles it. Installing wiring safely is also a big concern. You don’t want a house fire later because someone didn’t understand how electricity works.

Everything down to the right fuse box and breakers to use is important. These are things that an electrician has trained to understand and they will ensure that each circuit in the house is correctly wired and set up so as to avoid overloading the circuit.

Inspections: Whether you’ve been in a house since the beginning or just moved into a new place that has old wiring, you’ll need regular inspections to make sure everything is working well. An electrician can take a look at the wiring in your home and let you know if there are any potential problems.

For example, many older homes were not designed to handle the electrical load that modern houses manage. The wiring may be too thin, or poorly laid out and the fuse box could need replacing. It’s difficult to tell as a lay person, which is why it’s so important to have a professional take a look. The electrician can also provide you with a safety report on any appliance.

Maintenance: If you have just moved into a home and need to update things, you can all your trusted family electrician to look it all over. A regular maintenance check should also include major appliances to make sure everything is working well and not overloading the electrical system. Even a small short can cause you to use far more electricity than necessary and it can also be hard on the appliance, possibly even destroying it.

New additions: When you want to add something to your home, like a ceiling fan or an air conditioning system, or even lights, you need to call an electrician. They will be able to help with the installation and ensure that there is enough power to handle the new appliance.

Security: Electricians can install your security systems and ensure they are working correctly, but that’s not the only security they manage. Your home is a haven and a place you need to feel safe, without worrying that you’re going to be electrocuted at any moment. This is one of the jobs that an electrician handles, making sure that your environment is secure from threat of electricity. Ideally, you can use it, but won’t ever need to come into dangerous contact with it.

Residential electricians have their hands full with all aspects of domestic electrical installation and will often be called out to resolve smaller issues in a single home. However, commercial electricians could end up working on small issues in bulk.

The Role of a Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician will work in commercial or business spaces and may end up doing a lot more, just because the size of the space is larger. For example, if a new office building is being constructed, there will be far more to install than in a single home. Commercial electricians may also specialise so that they work in specific areas.

If you have a specific electrical need, it can be helpful to have an electrician who specialises in the area, such as industrial lighting. They’ll be well acquainted with any potential issues and will know exactly how to handle the installation and maintenance of the specialty area. A good example of this is elevators. They can be complex and difficult to work on, but an electrician who specialises in elevators will have a much easier time than a regular contractor who has never worked on a contractor out.

There are so many areas that a commercial worker can be used. If you manage an office building, a factory, or any other type of commercial building, be sure you’re getting someone who knows how to work in these types of environments and is comfortable there. They should be able to handle large amounts of work, as well as repetitive things like replacing all the lights in several stories of stairs.

A commercial electrician may also be required to check out machinery on a regular basis. They can keep an eye on things and do regular inspections to avoid any future issues. Apart from this, they will do repairs and maintenance in the commercial space as needed.

How to Find an Electrician

Word of mouth is your best choice for finding an electrician that is worth hiring. Someone who has personal experience with the electrician is the best choice, but barring that, you can search online reviews to find the best choice. There are a lot of electricians available and finding the best one can be tough. If you look at reviews, though, you can get a better idea as to which electricians in your area are best for working on your specific type of problem. You may also research the professional by talking directly to them and getting references.

It’s actually a good idea to look for an electrical firm that has multiple electricians. Each one will have their own area of interest, but it’s also helpful to know that there will always be at least one electrician available when you need them. That’s an important factor when selecting someone to work on your home or business. If someone is available day or night, you’ll find it much easier to handle an emergency situation when it crops up.

You should also find an electrician with plenty of experience. A whopping 31% of electricians have between a decade and two decades of experience and 24% have at least 20 years of experience. It shouldn’t be difficult to find someone who is able to handle the job you have available. While it’s not necessary that they have decades under their belt, it is certainly helpful.

Emergency Electrician Near Me: Forming Bonds

The best thing you can do is find an electrician who is available on call and establish a relationship. If you have an emergency at any time of day or night, you need someone you can call. Not all electricians are willing to get out of bed for an electrical problem, so make sure you double check that yours is fine with this and find out if there is another number to use if you need to contact them in the middle of the night.

Again, this is an advantage of hiring an electrical firm. There will be multiple electricians available, making it simpler to find someone who can come out when you need them. When you call in, the company will ensure that you have someone who will meet your needs. Along with this, it’s also helpful to have multiple specialties all in the same firm.

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